With grace & flowers.

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Keaton Henson


Keaton Henson

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margaret in the morning
sleeping on her side
tossin’ men like nickles
into an ever-rising tide

I guess she was a dentist
before she fell in love
freezin’ leaden smiles
just to give ‘em up

oh oh oh
margaret downe

margaret at the office
margaret at eighteen
she said sit right down a minute
she said lemme clean your teeth
so we settled down in boseman
in the corner of the world
and we raised a couple children
but we lost a little girl

oh oh oh
margaret downe

heartsick in montana we slowly grew apart
the grocery clerk in moncton 
as you were dancing in the bar
you rushed him to the courtroom 
before the bed was cold
and defrosted out my windshield 
when you smile then lemme know

oh oh oh
oh oh oh
margaret downe

many cavities pulling
at our marriage’s tender mouth
and at the root of all the problems
was a man across the canal
margaret left the practice
laid in ‘86
and I left behind the mid-west
and forgot we ever kissed

oh oh oh
oh oh oh
oh oh oh
margaret downe

I knew she changed her number
but couldn’t shake the cough
the doctor gave her 6 weeks
which only made her shrug it off
resting in her 5th week
I brought her buttercups
there was too much to say between us
and I’d only fuck it up
so I stared up at the ceiling
and I held her little hands 
and you knew that I forgave you
for making other plans

oh oh oh
oh oh oh
oh oh oh
margaret downe

margaret in the morning
sleeping on her side
tossin’ men like nickles
to an ever-rising tide

Went to the store for basil, came home with an armful of flowers; we’re running out of jars for all the flowers he buys from roadside stands. 


Tattoo by Chris David at Government Street Tattoo, Victoria BC

The original scribble was done by my old friend Aden. It’s been kicking around in one of my many scrap boxes over the years. I remember where he made that drawing (Black Stilt coffee on Hillside, RIP) but I’ve recently had a hard time figuring out how old this 2D relic might be. Normally I can put a timestamp on any ridiculous knick-knack in my possession.

I sent Aden a photo of his scribble, and it instantly clicked in - the scrap paper held my tips from DISHWASHING, at the restaurant that I currently serve at. That would set a vague date of “summer, 2007?” Perhaps I got the tattoo exactly 7 years after its initial draft? I guess it’s all slightly fitting; I’ve given my notice (for the second time - please feel free to hold me accountable), and my 7 years of restaurant life are finally coming to an end.

If you’ve ever shared a meal with me, this one’s for you.

If I’ve ever shared a memory with you, I’m sure it will permanently make its way on to my body. In time.

THEA! I love this


come lay down next to me and i’ll tell you about all the dogs i saw today.

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Radiology selfie


I’ve been single for a while now, and I have to say it’s going really well. Like, it’s working out. I think I’m the one.

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Just in case you wanted to know what girls look like shotgunning beers.

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